About SEED Collective

SEED Collective, LLC is a consultancy that exists to inspire and support the sustainability of entrepreneurs and communities through education, research and policy, and advocacy. Founded in 2013, this firm is led by Adrienne B. Haynes, an award-winning businesswoman and attorney who specializes in helping to create legal and strategic planning solutions for her clients and to speak and write on topics relating to law and economic development.

Associates at SEED Collective have experience developing and implementing strategy on both an individual and organizational level. For individual clients, we have provided in-depth business coaching services since 2013 for early and second stage businesses. We work with owners and leadership teams throughout the country (see our client list here) to help streamline business models through systems and refined operational processes, engage strategic partners and stakeholders, and reach milestones in our executive accountability program.

On an organizational level, our clients engage us to produce deliverables in the following areas:

  • Business incubator design, technical assistance, on site or virtual management
  • Business counseling or mentor program design, data reporting
  • Regional ecosystem engagement and economic impact data reporting
  • Community based economic development program design and implementation
  • Nonprofit Strategic Planning, ongoing compliance, data reporting

We have worked with clients such as the Kauffman Foundation, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Blue Hills Community Services, the Midwest Women’s Business Enterprise Council, Elevate Energy, Evergy, and others to help design interactive programs that engage, listen, and support a community’s business owners. We excel in working as outside program managers and also on project-by-project basis as appropriate.

To work with SEED Collective, we start with a consultation to learn more about your program and consulting areas of need. If we’re able to help, we’ll outline a consulting plan and prepare a formal proposal.

To schedule a consultation to learn more, find a time that works best for you here.

Learn more about SEED Collective at www.seedconsults.com

Business Education

SEED Collective provides business education through business coaching, technical assistance and small business program design.  SEED Collective specializes in developing effective programming for unique and niche communities.

Executive Business Coaching

As the lead consultant, Adrienne works as a business coach for early and second stage businesses to streamline their business models by developing systems and refining operational processes, engaging strategic partners, and serving as a strategic partner and advisor to the ownership team. Read more to see the clients we’ve worked with:

See our full client list on the SEED Collective website here.

Technical Assistance and Small Business Program Design

SEED Collective actively partners with organizations, including nonprofits and universities, to develop programs that inspire and support sustainable business and transferable wealth for historically underestimated communities.

Research & Policy

SEED Collective engages in research and policy in collaboration with partners to prepare, analyze, and support efforts and data relating to entrepreneurship and community building. Recent partnerships include those with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in support of their Black Women’s Startup Report, released in 2018, and through Adrienne’s fellowship in Kauffman’s Innovator in Residence Program.

The Innovators work with the Foundation’s associates to develop uncommon solutions within Kansas City and beyond that reduce barriers to entrepreneurship so that every person – regardless of their background – can take risks, achieve success and give back to their communities. Each Innovator works to support activities within the Foundation and secondly, on developing special projects to address necessary systemic change.  The Innovators seek to bring the Foundation’s associates more closely to the communities they work with, as well as increase the diversity of perspectives and relationships that inform its work to deliver results on a systemic level.

Learn more about SEED Collective at www.seedconsults.com